Love at first sight

by Alison Demo - Apr 7, 2016 5:17 AM

Greg and Alison met in a parking lot (so romantic, eh?) at Northwestern University in 2006. Greg saw Alison struggling with her frozen car door lock and asked if she needed help. He then saw that she was pretty cute, and started chatting with her about the cold weather of all things.

They made small talk for a while, but parted ways without exchanging numbers.

But Greg was crafty. The next day, Alison went to her car and discovered a note under the windshield wiper from the chivalrous stranger from the day before. She was charmed that he was interested enough to track down her car in the snow again, and she called the number on the note almost immediately. Our first date was a comedy show, but we realized we made each other laugh!

So you could say that brutal Midwestern winters brought us together!

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